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Hair color has been a way of defining a women’s appearance for decades. As hair color varies naturally depending on gene pools this was women kinds early way of looking different from one another before hair dye, clothes and makeup. In the 21st century, women can dye their hair and create a natural look at the drop of a hairbrush and many of their choices of color are heavily influenced by what they deem as most guys favorite.
To be honest, they are not wrong, most men have a favored color of hair on a girl, why? you ask. No idea but we all do and tend to stick by It for some strange reason.  If I had a dollar for every time that I heard, a guy describe his type by explaining her hair color I would be living on a yacht with a brunette on my arm. Do you see what I mean? We will have a look at the stereotypes linked with each hair color what is ultimately considered the sexiest hair color.


Arguably one of the most famous and iconic blondes was Marilyn Monroe. She was seen as the nations babe of her time, men wanted to date her women wanted to be her. Marilyn is one of the driving forces behind the cultural shift towards dyed blonde hair, so many types of women dye their hair blonde as they believe that they will receive more attention as a result.
We are all told that “blondes have more fun” and “Blondes are dumb”. This could be as the light hair color resonates brightness making them more friendly, happy and approachable. As they are such fun loving people that naturally leads people to believe that they are less serious and motivated making them dumb and uneducated. The famous “Blonde moment” phrase is still used every day yet there is no evidence to support it. Not forgetting “Blonde bombshell” which instantly springs images of Pamela Anderson running down the beach with all of her curves and voluptuousness running down the beach.
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The only real comparison to Marilyn in terms of cultural impact with their appearance and personality is Audrey Hepburn the notorious girl next door. She was a much more serious woman, smiling less often and lot more mysterious and classy. Still a stunning woman
I suppose I would too if other women were favored over myself for no apparent reason other than to be born with blonde hair. Although they may not be considered as fun-loving and promiscuous as blondes, brunettes are widely stereotyped as loyal, level-headed girls. They are often said to be “wife material” due to their more stable personalities.
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Often seen to be a unicorn among girls, natural redheads are a lot rarer in society. Most redheads that you see are a dyed block color rather than the strawberry blonde/ginger color that occurs naturally. Due to the striking color, many people see redheads, especially those who have chosen to have that color as fiery and strong-willed. To have chosen such a stand out the color they are considered to have larger than life attitudes and will keep men on their toes Similar to a brunette however they are said to have a more brazen confidence.
Arguably you could say that most perceptions of women no matter what hair color has come from a famous character or lady in the public eye. On the other hand, you could say that they were like that because of their hair color. We come to a chicken and egg situation but what do men find sexier? The obvious answer would be Blonde as they are fun, promiscuous and up for a good time. Then would you want a person like that to raise your kids and hold your family together? If no then maybe, a Brunette is the answer. Alternatively, maybe you would like a challenge and to be kept on your toes with a redhead.
Ultimately every man has a different preference depending on what they are looking for, maybe we are doing it all wrong anyway and shouldn’t have any prejudice and give every girl a chance based on their own unique characteristics.