The Reality of Being A Ginger

Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Donald Trump, and Emma Stone are some of the famous ginger people today. Some people characterized them as ginger or redhead because of their unique red hair color, pale skin, and abounding freckles. In the past, the Egyptians wiped out maidens with red hair because they consider them luckless. Contrary to…

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Redhead Problems: Issues Only People With Red Hair Understand

When you call someone redhead, it simply means that the person has an in-born red hair. Known as one of the most unusual hair colours all over the world, British people call them as Ginger. But despite of their rarity, there are some problems which only red-headed people understand. Unlimited supply of freckles They multiple…

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Way Men Perceive Readhead Women

There are different types of men with a distinct preference for women. They may base their choice on societal ideals and physical attractiveness such as body fatness, face dimension, or hair color. Their observations on females may come from their hair appearance like in one study in The Journal of Social Psychology. The researchers concluded…

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