Redhead Problems: Issues Only People With Red Hair Understand

When you call someone redhead, it simply means that the person has an in-born red hair. Known as one of the most unusual hair colours all over the world, British people call them as Ginger. But despite of their rarity, there are some problems which only red-headed people understand.

  1. Unlimited supply of freckles

They multiple endlessly each year. Some people call these as angel’s kisses, freckles appear every time ultraviolet rays hits their skin. Just pray that no one will play connect the dot on your face.

  1. The extensive need for sunscreen

Although everyone should put on sunscreen, redhead people need them the most particularly during summer.  Actually, they need to wear a lot of them.

  1. Everyone will ask where you inherit your red hair

But then when you didn’t tell the truth, people tend to boast their knowledge on genetics. Expect to say something like “Most likely, you have acquired the gene on both side of your family. No doubt that you have a red mane.”

  1. Non-stop snap judgement regarding your heritage

It comes to no surprise that most Gingers experience hearing ‘I bet, she’s a pretty lady from Ireland’. The truth is, redheads don’t just originate from Ireland. They are from everywhere.

  1. More anesthesia for you during surgery

In a publication from the Anesthesiology journal 2004, it indicated that redhead people requires more anesthesia in order to prevent pain compared to brunettes.

  1. It is not easy to find the best eyebrow pencil

In case you don’t know, there are nearly 50 shades of blonde and brown. However, when it comes to red hue, you’ll struggle to look for the right eyebrow pencil which will match your facial features.

  1. Orange OOTD is a big no-no

If you don’t like to take the risk of not blending your hair with your OOTD, then avoid wearing orange outfits.

In fact, just like the clothes you wear, not all kinds of make-up can amp up your look. There are some that might look great for others but not for you. This is because of face shape differences. When doing your make-up, make sure to consider a style that will perfectly ensemble with your face shape and hair color to ensure it will provide you with the desirable appearance you intend to have.

  1. They doubt if it is your real hair color.

It happens all the time when you visit the nearest salon, isn’t it? Worse, staffs will accompany it with unsolicited opinions commanding not to dye it. Sometimes, your chosen stylist won’t even move to color your mane even you kneel in her front.

  1. Getting several nicknames

Your friends may call you ‘red’ buddy. Others simply wave and shout ‘How’s your day, Ginger?’. These are few nicknames you’ll get with your rare locks.

Did you experience the same thing? Don’t feel sad. You are not alone. You are just one of less than two percent of redhead in the whole world. Avoid blending into the crowd. Own what you have and be proud of it!