Way Men Perceive Readhead Women

There are different types of men with a distinct preference for women. They may base their choice on societal ideals and physical attractiveness such as body fatness, face dimension, or hair color. Their observations on females may come from their hair appearance like in one study in The Journal of Social Psychology. The researchers concluded that the majority of men see blonde women as younger and more attractive, while some people regard them as feeble-minded or ignorant. Another research suggested that men view brunettes as more sensible, parent material, trustworthy, yet the most arrogant. They further argue that females with red hair are most competent and ill-tempered based on one study from the United Kingdom.


Some men do not perceive redhead women as attractive. Nicolas Guegen from Universite de Bretagne-Sud administered research on men perception of women based on their hair tone. He observed his female subjects who wore four distinct wigs in a nightclub for four weeks. In an hour, he noted that 127 men continually neared blonde women, 87 men on brunettes, and 82 on women with black hair. Furthermore, there are only 29 men who advanced to the redhead female subject. Viren Swami and Seishin Barrett conducted a comparable experiment and found that 60 men approached the woman with blonde hair. The figure dropped to 18 men when the female subject wore a red wig. The researchers developed a theory that supported their experimental results. They published a study in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology which stated that men regarded blonde women as needy which gave them a feeling of dominance and lesser restraints. Also, men found redheads as sensitive and outgoing compared to other hair colors.


Recent studies also distinguished women with red hair as more sexually active such as in the study of Hamburg Sex Researcher, Dr. Werner Habermehl. He stated that redhead women engaged in sexual activity frequently with several partners. They also react differently to physical stimuli due to their sensitivity caused by red hair gene carrier. In effect, the physical responses or sensual urges of redheads may intensify with various sex toys and cold ice. Several redhead women reported that they reached orgasm without taking too much work on both parties. They are known to hold the record of most orgasm at 41% rate. Christine Baumanns, a psychologist, defends redhead women for having multiple partners and better sex lives than brunettes, blondes, or black-haired women. She pointed out that the color red signifies power, arousal, and passion, which enhances the attraction of men to redhead women.


Redhead women also produce a distinct pheromone which turns their odor as sweet and musk-like. The author of The Redhead Encyclopedia, Stephen Douglas, described their scent as color violet or amber, and it can change based on their emotions. Frenchman Augustin Galopin supported the idea of Douglas in his book, Le Parfum de la Femme. Galopin argued that redhead women possess a strong, distinct odor that attracts their suitors. As a result, it can make men thoroughly driven to them. 


These are few of the prevalent stereotypes of men in redhead women. Their hair color is striking and comparatively exceptional, but it also affects how men see them. Some may perceive them as astonishing, but others may prefer them the least.